Real Talk

It has been well over a year since I’ve posted anything, which goes against every blogging rule, I’m sure. The last two posts I posted were beauty and fashion related, but for this post I wanted to go a completely different direction and talk about one thing that has been on my mind a TON lately; the fact that in a month I will be a quarter of a century! For some odd reason I have such anxiety about that fact. I know, “25 is not old” and I am still “so young and have so much life to live.” I get it.  But I keep on thinking about where I am in life vs. where I feel I should be, and in my head I have constructed a ridiculous list of where I feel I should be, given my age.

  1. Have at least my BA, I’m going to be 25! pssshh I should be halfway done with my Masters!
  2. Married… (Yep, that’s on the ridiculous list)
  3. Have a kid or two, since everyone I know is popping out kids.
  4. Have an established career.
  5.  Be fit, eat clean, workout everyday… well because everyone’s doing it!

You get the picture…

The million-dollar question is, why do I torture myself with the SHOULDS?! So I decided to make a list of things of daily goals I SHOULD be accomplishing.

  1. LIVE in this moment, right now, writing this blog.
  2. Acknowledge each and every step, not matter how tiny I feel the step is.
  3. Appreciate change and evolving
  4. Remind myself I will one day look back and wish I was 24 going on 25.

The pace that I am taking in life is all part of my amazing journey. Society dictates so much in our life and it is up to us not to allow it to affect us. Cheesy, sappy, but oh so true!


5 Random Facts About Me

  • I have a horrible habit of using leopard print as a neutral.
  • I’m an english major with an emphasis in creative writing.
  • I have four beautiful nephews who have my heart.
  • I adopted a puppy a year ago. Her name is Thumper.
  • I love shimmery lotion. The more shimmer the better.



I’m gonna pop some tags… only got $20 in my pocket.

My obsession for the Thrift Shop song is quite appropiate. It’s one of those pointless songs that gets stuck in your head and at any moment you can burst out singing to the dismay of those around you… So I thought, why not go to my local thrift shop with only “$20 in my pocket,” and see what goodies I find.

First let me back up a few years… I grew up in a middle class family; there was always food in the pantry, clothes on my back, and a roof over my head. My dad is a retired Marine (oorah!) and my mom has always been the stay-at-home mom, y’know the old fashioned moms’ you see in pictures baking cookies. Yep, that was my mom except in our house she was making us aros con leche instead of chocolate chip cookies. She taught my siblings and I much more than just money management, or how to clean, and how to cook (I must’ve skipped that lesson); she taught us how to be thrifty. I don’t ever remember going to a store and buying anything off of the regular price rack, it wasn’t that we couldn’t afford it, she just wanted us to grasp the concept of getting more for your money; the thrill of buying an item for less is always satisfying.

I am now a full- time student living on my own, and I have those lovely things called bills to manage. So budgeting my money is necessary for survival!  I appreciate those priceless lessons from my mother. It isn’t my opinion that shopping at a thrift store is anything to be ashamed of, quite the contrary in fact! Time and time again I have found such unique outfits that you know there isn’t ANY WAY another girl will be wearing the same outfit.

Last weekend I went to my favorite thrift store and did my usual fill the basket up to the brim routine then I purge my cart, usually getting rid of more than half of what I threw in. This time I walked out with only three shirts but they are so cute and I only paid…. $10 for all two tops!!! While shopping I kept leggings in mind (I wear leggings more often than I wear jeans). Leggings  are so comfy to wear and easy to layer  over, which is perfect for someone who pretty much lives on campus. Finding these golden nuggets makes thrifting so addicting.

Outfit #1: This top is fun to wear and looks adorable when paired with heels. The burnt orange is somewhat fall-ish but I wore to the lavender necklace and leopard flats and felt fabulous.



Top: Thrift Store Find- $4.00
Necklace: Target
Leggings: Wal-Mart
Flats: Target

Outfit #2: I know that it is closer to summer than winter but here in San Diego the weather stays the same all year. Even in the summer the nights can be chilly enough to wear this oversize/floppy sweater. I’m thinking bon-fires at the beach.



Top: Thrift Store find- $1.50
Necklace: I think Forever 21
Leggings: Wal-Mart
Flats: Urban Outfitters on clearance for $10

While shopping at thrift shops its best keep an open-mind, let those creative juices flow, and most of all enjoy getting cute stuff for more than half of the price. Happy Thrifting. XOXO

5 Random Facts About Me

  • I eat ice cream to nurture my inner child
  • Little people make me giddy
  • I love the beach, but swimming in the ocean scares me silly!
  • When I was younger I wanted to be the Presidents Secretary.
  • My ethnicity includes: Irish, French, German, Hispanic, and a dash of Native American. What can I say, I’m a mixed up kid.

I’d rather be naked…

Then go without my lashes. Yes, it’s true. As many of you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wearing falsies (false eyelashes) hence the name of my blog. Some girls can’t leave the house without putting on mascara, well I can’t leave the house without wearing my falsies. Just like a hot pair of heels my falsies make me feel unstoppable. I naturally have very short eyelashes and would try my best to make them longer by curling, piling on the mascara, etc… until I finally got the guts to buy a pair of lashes- I was hooked! It’s always much more fun to flutter your eyelids with long lashes. FYI my makeup routine is far from conventional,  I probably break all the makeup rules, but it’s fast, easy, and it works. So I am going to answer the questions that are often asked.

What kind of glue do you  use? DUO. It’s what Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Joyce Bonelli uses and it works like magic.


Lash Strips– Ardell “Wispies” lashes are my favorite. Wispies look very natural unless you’re a drama queen like me and you can double/triple/quadruple the strips. Ardell is inexpensive and can be found at any store; Target, Wal-Mart, Sally’s Beauty Supply, CVS, Rite Aid… After trial and error I finally figured out a lash routine that worked for me- I line the strips with some DUO glue, forget about waiting until the “glue is gooey” mumbo jumbo just wait a few seconds, get in touch with your inner Asian and stretch those eyelids, and place the lash strip as close as you can get to your lash line. I then pinch my natural lashes together with my falsies and ta-da- immediate glam!












Individual lashes- depending on how thick you are wanting your lashes to be, you can also double/trible/quadruble the individual cluster of lashes. In my opinion lash clusters are easier to apply but more time consuming. I grab the tips of the lashes with tweezers, dip the ends in DUO glue, wait a few seconds, place them where you want some more fab-lash, and than grab the mascara and go wild.


  • Whether you decide to wear strips or individual lashes eyeliner is always helpful to cover up the glue or any lash oopsies.

Eyelash Extensions– Before getting extensions I did my research and read some horror stories, but beauty comes with a price so I decided to get my lids bedazzled with lashes. Eyelash extensions will last much longer if they are treated with care; no rubbing your eyes, when washing your face only pat to dry, dabbing on eyeshadow instead of sweeping across. The advantage of eyelash extension is being able to skip the step of applying lashes during your makeup routine, it knocks off a good 5-10 minutes, which is helpful when you run on a “running late” schedule.  The salon I went to get my extentions charged $40 and it fluctuated between $7-$12 for fills depending on how much she had to fill. There are two kinds of eyelash extentions- cluster extentions which the process only takes 10-15 min and individual lashes which can take up 2 hours to apply and can cost up to $200. Both types last around the same.

The important thing to remember while wearing you’re lashes is that you are wonderful, beautiful, and fearless. Life is so much better with that mindset.

5 random facts about me

  • I am the middle child with major middle child syndrome
  • I have been a live-in nanny for a family with 5 wonderful kids for the past 2 years
  • I am vegetarian or carbitarian (I make up for the lack of meat with breads and pasta, yummm).
  • I cry for everything; happy, sad, mad, excited, seeing a dead animal on the side of the road….
  • I have written poetry since I was 10 but I’m too shy to read it to anyone.

Sorry for two post on the same day. I have mid-terms so it was now or never.


Let the journey begin


A couple of months ago questions about all this “blogging stuff” came to mind. So naturally I did the typical google search, “how to start a blog?” and the list of websites were endless. Immediately overwhelmed, the thought of blogging was put into the far corner of my mind until a few days later my wonderful friend Amber invited me over for a girls night. While eating breakfast for dinner and watching Nashville she asked if I had ever thought of starting a blog, that was the confirmation I needed, I decided I was going to become a blogger! So here I am 3 weeks later…

My name is Chelsea, I am a student, living off a tight budget is a way of life, broke doesn’t even come close to describing my checking/savings account, but I don’t believe that is any excuse to look any less than fabulous. So through this blog I want to share all my nifty little secrets. Come see the world through my lashes…

5 random facts about me

  • Every year I get free slurpee’s on my birthday. Can you guess when it is?
  • I am deathly afraid of spiders!
  • I’d take thrift store shopping over the mall any day. The hole in the wall thrift shops are the best.
  • My blogging dream is to connect with many people who share the same journey.
  • My life’s goal is to be a teacher in Cameroon, Africa inspiring all the beautiful Cameroonian children to learn


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